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Happy 2014!

After a VERY long hiatus due to a multitude of variables, I am back! 
I plan to add photos, kits, vintage finds and gifts to my site this month and every month going forward!
I'm still hashing out updates and new ideas, but determined to once again enjoy connecting and interacting with you! 
If there is anything you'd like to see more (or less) of on my site, please let me know!
I'll be back with updates and new products very soon!
Thank you so much and Happy New Year! 
January 3, 2014
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Four Years Ago...

Four years ago, on April 19th, my Mom passed away after an 8 year battle with Stage IV ovarian cancer.
Not a day has gone by that I have not thought of her and missed her.
Sometimes I'm able to smile and recall happy times and laughs.
Other times all I can see in my mind is her sick and suffering and being taken far too soon. 
My sister went through some things with my Grandmother, who is now 92, and "paring down" some of her belongings.
I was lucky enough to be given these photos of my Mom!
I think she was about 12 years old as a flower girl in this photo
My Grandma has often said "oh, you look like your Mom!" ...
Here we are side by side..except she was only 18 in her graduation photo and I am 48 in this one!
My Mom and Dad made it for 49 years of marriage before she passed away.
Gosh, life really does fly by...
Rest In Peace, Mom
April 21, 2012
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Make-do Headboard

I found these old "things' -not even sure what they are called--a few years ago for 5 bucks each.
I painted them white and sanded them to rough them up a bit and had them hanging above my closet doors.
I grew weary of that look, so I painted two ofthem red and made a make-shift headboard out of them instead.
Added a little shelf I found for 12.00, two prints I've had for under 5.00, an old plaque to add more yellow and a little bunch of dried flowers.
I decided to place a small lamp made from a mason jar on the shelf and enjoy reading in bed with it on.
It may not be perfect or fancy, but good enough for me for very little moola!
Had a bad day with a migraine and digestive problems again,
but I'm having another ultrasound tomorrow to see what might be causing the pain that continues in my abdomen and upper right side and back.
Hope it all goes away soon!! 
Hope you're doing well and thanks so much for stopping by.


April 19, 2012
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